First rambling………

Seems like I’m off to a good start when my iPad changes ramblings to rumblings and seems to Serbs!!

So I’m going to ramble…..yay no word change there…about stuff.
Things that I love, things that I hate, things that make me laugh, things that irritate the hell out of me.

Mind mapping is my first.
Strange you may ask? But I had a conversation with a client about this the other day and have just nosily looked over someone’s shoulder on the bus at their notepad with a LARGE mind map scrawled across it.
I HATE mind maps!
18 years old, Mrs Meadows A level geography class.
“You must use mind maps to explore ideas/prepare essays/revise.”
It’s how the brain functions best I was told.
It’s a mess is what it is, a collection of words chucked over a page like a large spider ran through a load of scrabble letters.
It makes no sense to me at all.
I wanted lists starting at the left hand side of the page and working down the page neatly, but no, this wasn’t the most efficient brain usage.
I even tried turning my mind maps into lists with the main subject in the centre with neat lists extending from it……
That didn’t go down well with Mrs Meadows!

Years later I understood why this troubled me.
And proud of it.

I like neat lists that make sense.
I like things organised.
I make shopping lists according to supermarket aisle! I am NOT the only one?!?!
I like straight lines and shapes with corners.
Do you know how hard it was to find kitchen work tops with the ‘correct’ edging!

So I’ve now made myself out to be slightly doolally, which partly I am, but my quirks and foibles make me ‘me’!

So I shall continue to ramble……….

First rambling………